Professional Development Alternatives

The Professional Development Alternatives (PDA) modules are designed to assist educators in becoming more proficient in responding to the various instructional and behavioral needs of each individual learner in order to maximize achievement of all students.

Many of these modules will satisfy the Florida Department of Education recertification requirement of 20 Florida inservice points in teaching students with disabilities; however, each school district is responsible to ascertain if the content of professional learning activity completed by a school district employee satisfies the content requirement for teaching students with disabilities credit. This may vary from district to district. To read more about the teaching students with disabilities recertification requirement go to: FDLRS will verify completion of inservice credits to districts or other entity. Inservice points must be awarded by a school district or other entity with an approved Florida Master Inservice Plan (MIP). Please note: individuals not currently employed by a Florida school district or entity with an approved MIP, should verify that a former district or other entity with an approved Master Inservice Plan is willing to award inservice points for non-employees.

The facilitated modules provide ongoing collaboration with colleagues and expert facilitators. The independent study modules allow self-paced learning.

All modules are:

  • free to Florida educators,
  • available online throughout the state,
  • designed with high-quality content, and
  • updated on a regular basis.

All modules provide:

  • a variety of learning activities,
  • classroom-related assessment tasks,
  • technology support, as needed, and
  • a consistent and user-friendly format and organization.

The PDA online modules began in 2003, with a partnership between the Florida Department of Education, Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services and the Bureau of Educator Certification. The modules continue to be funded by the Florida Department of Education, Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services and are coordinated by the Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System (FDLRS) Administration Project and the nineteen FDLRS associate centers, in collaboration with the Florida Center for Interactive Media at Florida State University.

Click here to download a document with the history of the development of the PDA Modules.