Unit Objectives

Welcome to the Language Arts and Reading unit of the Elementary K-6 Online Content Review module. This unit is designed to give you the basic principles and competencies aligned with the Florida Standards in the areas of Language Arts and Reading specifically, teaching Language Arts and Reading to elementary grades students. This reference to Florida Standards may be a beneficial resource for educators as they implement the rigorous Florida Standards. The purpose of this unit in the module is to assist you with preparation for the Language Arts and Reading components of the certification exam. In the following sections, you will find articles, tasks, multimedia presentations, quizzes, and suggested sites to guide you through this content review material. At the completion of the learning activities you will find an assessment section based on the skills and objectives of the unit. We encourage you to review the unit as much as needed for you to feel confident about your understanding of the material presented here. 

Listed below are the competencies and skills covered in this unit.  Once you have reviewed them, begin this unit by clicking on the Learning Activities button below.

  • Identify concepts of emergent literacy.
  • Identify strategies for developing concepts of print.
  • Identify strategies and instructional methods for teaching phonological awareness, phonic, word structure, and context clues.
  • Demonstrate  knowledge of the developmental stages of reading.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of strategies used as part of the reading process.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the developmental states of writing.
  • Differentiate among characteristics and elements of a variety of literary genres.
  • Identify terms for, and the appropriate use of, literary devices.
  • Identify and apply professional guidelines for selecting multicultural literature.
  • Identify appropriate techniques for encouraging students to respond to literature in a variety of ways.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the writing process.
  • Identify the conventions of standard American English.
  • Identify the characteristics of the modes of writing.
  • Select appropriate modes of writing for various occasions, purposes, and audiences.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of writing conventions.
  • Indentify instructional methods for teaching writing conventions
  • Identify the appropriate uses of formal and informal assessments.
  • Analyze and interpret the results of formal and informal assessments to influence literacy instruction for diverse populations.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the definition, elements, and use of rubrics in assessing writing.
  • Knowledge of communication and media literacy.

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